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Unicol projector ceiling mount

Unicol's PSU series ceiling mount is ideal for use with false ceilings. It's Tubalur design means cables can be hiden away inside the column.

The PSU ceiling mount comes in kit form and consists of three parts;

The Ceiling Plate

CP1 connects to the column
CP3 connects directly to the
Cradle or Mount

CP1   28.70+vat
CP3   27.40+vat

The Column from
Plate to the Cradle

Columns come in
different lengths

50cm   11.25+vat
1 mtr   22.50+vat
2 mtr   45.00+vat
Columns can be cut to desired length on site.

The Cradle or
Suspension Mount

This item is tailor made to suit each projector.


Projector ceiling mount plate
Projector ceiling mount columns
Projector ceiling mount bracket

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