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Unicol Projector Stands

The Unicol single column range of stands are designed to carry LCD, OHP and 35mm projectors.

They are constructed of three components:

- The Platform which carries the projector
- The Column that supports the platform
- The Base which supports the column.
- Optional accessory tray.

Using these components you can specify a stand that should meet your exact requirements.

unicol projector stands


30x45cm   42.50
45x45cm   49.20
45x55cm   55.65
30x75cm   60.30
(add 8cm to calculate
height of trolley)

Tilting Platform

30x45cm   84.35
45x45cm   91.45
45x55cm   97.80
(add 8cm to calculate
height of trolley)

Standard Column

  40cm    9.35
  56cm   12.75
  76cm   17.45
  91cm   21.05
114cm   26.10
140cm   32.05

Tilting platform
Standard columns
Telescopic Column

64 to 84cm    56.70
84 to 128cm  73.00

Standard Bases

40x40cm with castors     47.60
40x40cm with static feet 46.80

Base with Jacking Feet

45x55cm  58.75
55x65cm  61.35

2533 Telescopic column3350 telescopic column
stadard base
base with jacking feet.

Accessory platform

30x30cm £41.60
40x40cm £52.60

Accessory platform


All prices quoted are excluding vat.

Our range of projector platforms.

Vega AV1000 projector trolley

  • Platform dimensions: 390x430mm
  • Maximum height 1050mm
  • Equipped with 4 wheels with two locking castors.
  • Max. weight load: 25kg

Vega AV1000 £69+vat

Vega AV1000 projector trolley

Vega AV1100B projector trolley

  • Platform dimensions: 380x420mm (inclinable)
  • Maximum height 1100mm
  • Equipped with 4 wheels with two locking castors.
  • Max. weight load: 15kg

Vega AV1100B £99+vat

Vega AV1150B projector trolley

  • A universal plate attaches the projector to the trolley
  • Ball and socket joint and adjustable height for projector positioning
  • Equipped with 4 wheels with two locking castors.
  • Max. weight load on shelf 5kg

Vega AV1150B £149+vat

Vega AV1150B projector trolley

Vega AVX 12B foldable projector stand

  • Universal stand for data/video or slide projectors
  • Foldable and portable
  • Max weight load on upper shelf 8kg
  • Max. weight load on lower shelf 4kg
  • Dimensions 770x320x1160mm

Vega AVX 12B £99+vat

Vega AVX 12B projector  stand

Sahara M310 projector stand

  • Height adjustable trolley (120cm - 85cm)
  • Tilt top to elimate keystoning
  • Built in retaining bar with non-slip surface
  • Optional non-slip lap top shelf available

M310 £139+vat
Optional shelf £37+vat

Sahara M310 projector stand

Projecta Gigant

  • Foldable and inclinable upper shelf
  • Folds easily and compactly for transport
  • Shelves fitted with anti-slip surface and rised edges
Gigant I £120+vat