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The SMART board interactive whiteboard turns any computer and projector into an advanced multimedia teaching aid ensuring a captive audience, whatever your teaching.

All SMART boards are compatible with all the major operating systems and with the award winning, feature rich SMART board software you can edit, annotate, save and even e-mail lessons. The SMART board’s touch sensitive surface allow you to use almost anything as mouse (including your fingers) or write on it’s surface by using any of the tools from the SMART pen tray.

Standard Front projection SMART board features.
SMART Pen Tray
  Optical sensors in the Pen Tray detect when a stylus or eraser is lifted from the tray. LEDs show the currently active tool.
  Touch resolution is approximately 2000 x 2000.
Screen Surface
  Extremely durable, low-reflective hardcoat polyester finish that reduces reflection and glare.
Digitizing Technology
  Two resistive sheets separated by an air gap
Frame Finish
  Textured, graphite-gray plastic surface
Wall-Mount Bracket
  Supports the interactive whiteboard when mounted to a wall
Operating system requirements
  Windows and Macintosh compatible








101.6cm x 81.3cm x 13cm
Active area: 47" (121.9cm) diagonal

139.2cm x 105.8cm x 13cm
Active area: 64" 162.6cm) diagonal

165.7cm x 125.7cm x 13cm
Active area: 77" (195.6cm) diagonal

217.8cm x 125.7cm x 13cm
Active area: 94 1/4" (239.3cm) 16:9 aspect ratio diagonal

SMART Board interactive prices
Code Description Price (exc vat) Education Price (exc vat)
SB640 Smartboard SB640 48" interactive board £810 £655
SB660 Smartboard SB660 64" interactive board £1165 £910
SB680 Smartboard SB680 77" interactive board £1436 £1154
SB690 Smartboard SB690 94" interactive board £2040 £1622
FS-640 Wheeled Floor Stand SB640 £299 £249
FS-670 Wheeled Floor Stand SB660 & SB680 £299 £249
WC2-UK Wireless Module £299  
STYF-005 Soft Stylus - set of four £25  
ERA-001 Replacement Round Easer £10  
USB-FRU USB cable (21.5 ft / 6.6m) £49  
TS2 Table stand for SMART board 540 £99  
All front projection SMART boards can be registered online for a free 5 year warranty upgrade. All other SMART products have a 1 year warranty.

All front projection SMART boards can be registered online for a free 5 year warranty upgrade. All other SMART products have a 1 year warranty.
SMART board and projector bundles
prices exc vat
    educational price*
SMART 560 (60") bundles
SMART560 + HP VP6110 (SVGA)   £1785
SMART560 + HP VP6120 (XGA)   £2095
SMART560 + NEC VT460K (SVGA)   £1967
SMART560 + NEC VT560 (XGA)   £2095
SMART560 + NEC VT660K (XGA)   £2555
SMART 580 (72") bundles
SMART580 + HP VP6110 (SVGA)   £1945
SMART580 + HP VP6120 (XGA)   £2323
SMART580 + NEC VT460K (SVGA)   £2282
SMART580 + NEC VT560 (XGA)   £2382
SMART580 + NEC VT660K (XGA)   £2778

*to take advantage of the reduced educational price, we must be provided with a copy of a purchase order from an educational body or establishment.

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