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Projector Screens

We carry many projector screens in stock ourselves but because of the vast range of screen sizes and fabric types some screens have to be ordered in.
Manual wall screens
These are permanently mounted on the wall or ceiling in your chosen location. Manually operated, when not in use the screen rolls back up inside its own casing. more info>>
Manual wall screens
Electric wall screens
These are permanently mounted on the wall or ceiling chosen room. Electrically operated via a rocker switch or optional remote control.
more info>>
Electric wall screens
Portable screens
These are free standing screens that can be taken to different locations; typically from room to room within one building. The mobile presenter would be better with a portable screen. more info>>
Portable screens
Fastfold projection screens
Portable screens that feature a tensioned surface, free standing or wall mountable, screens up to 16ft wide available.
more info>>
Fixed screens

Screen Size
The aspect ratio of the image from a data projector is 4:3 (width x height). Unless otherwise stated, the size of a screen is often stated as the length of the diagonal. For example a 5' screen would be 4' wide and 3' high. Choose your screen size with care. A large screen may need a more powerful projector and subdued light. Don't put a large screen in a small room.

Screen Surface Technology
The clarity of the picture is a function of both brightness and contrast of the projector, the amount of ambient light and the reflection value of the projection screen. Matt white fabric has a reflection value of 1.0; a high gain fabric can be as high as 2.8. more info>>