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Our thoughts on the Hitachi TX100...
Hitachi's TX100 bring big cinema styles imagery in to your living room. The TX100 features 1280x720 resolution LCD panels allow you to display high definition material and it's high contrast ratio off 1200:1 gives you unbelievably stunning image quality.

The Hitachi TX100 has a number of innovative features; including motorised iris control giving you the ability to optimise the balance between light output and contrast ratio for a film-like display with deep blacks.

Other than it's optical advancements, the TX100 features a front fan exhaust, giving you option of installing the TX100 close to a wall without fear of overheating.
Hitachi have also been able to reduce the fan noise to just 25dBA when used in whisper mode.

Hitachi PJ TX100 Technical Specifications
Display technology
LCD panel
  0.7" TFT x3
  1280 x 720 WXGA
  1200 ANSI lumens
Contrast ratio
Projection lens
  Manual zoom / focus
F = 1.75 - 2.41.
  150W UHB
Display size
  30" ~ 300"
Video compatibility
HDTV 750p(720p), 1125i(1080i/1035i)
SDTV 525i(480i), 525p (480p), 625i(575i)
Video inputs
  1x S-Video (4 pin mini DIN)
1x Composite Video (RCA)
1x Component video (RCAx3)
1x DVI-D HDCP Compatible)
RGB input
  1x 15pin D-sub
  1x RS232C (9 pin D-sub)
Noise level
  32dB (25dB in Whisper mode)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
  340 x 110 x 284mm
Supplied Accessories
  Remote control
Power cable
Instruction manual
Video cable
Hitachi TX100 dimensions
Hitachi TX100 dimensions
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Hitachi TX100 price