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Hitachi Cambridge board

Hitachi's Cambridge Board is one of the most advanced interactive teaching aid on the market today. Linked to a PC and a projector it can help build exciting, dynamic and inspirational lessons through its unique suite of software, which is easy to use and now fully customizable.

Hitachi’s Cambridge is an electromagnetic interactive whiteboard with a surface that’s compatible with both conventional dry-marker pens and projected interaction annotations. The Cambridge interactive board is the result of years R&D by both Hitachi and Cambridge University, developing a new hardware and software applications to produce an interactive board that's easy to use and offers excellent reliability.

Hitachi interactive board pensA replaceable surface means your investment is protected from accidental permanent marking or eventual dry-marker ink build up. As well as a full suite of presentation software solutions the Hitachi Starboard comes with full handwriting recognition software allowing you to insert data directly into your software applications.

Hitachi Cambridge Board Specifications
  Electromagnetic cordless
  37.5 lines/per mm (1,000 lines/per in)
Tracking Rate
  Approximately 3000mm/s
Writing Surface

Dry-erase and projection compatible.
Surface replaceable on site
  75" = w 155 x h 136 x d 4.5 cm (w 61.0" x h 53.4" x d 1.8")
  60" = w 126 x h 110 x d 4.5 cm (w 49.7" x h 43.6" x d 1.8")
  50" = w 107 x h 94 x d 4.5 cm (w 42.1" h 37.1" x d 1.8")
  75" = 18kg (39.6lbs)
    60" = 16.3 kg (35.9lbs)
    50" = 13.5kg (29.7lbs)
  3-year warranty
  Hitachi StarBoard suite annotation software included
OS Supported
  Win ’98/ME/2000/NT 4.0/XP
  Compatible data projector required for projection mode
Electronic Pen Specifications
Battery Life
  Approx 200 hours
  LED indicates power on test and low battery power
Hitachi Interactive prices
Code Description Price
    Ex Vat
CAMBO60 60" Hitachi Cambridge Board (1 pen kit) £1215
CAMBO75 75" Hitachi Cambridge Board (1 pen kit) £1440
T18SX T-18 Star tablet EM panel £1795
STARPROJ Replacement Hitachi Pen £109
CBWIFI Wireless connection for Cambridge board £375
CAMSTD60 Floor Stand for 60" Cambridge board £290
CAMSTD75 Floor Stand for 75" Cambridge board £290


10m RS232 serial cable LC board £15
SB50SURFAC Replacement 50" Starboard surface £285
SB70SURFAC Replacement 70" Starboard surface £318