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EuroMount Universal Ceiling Mount

We have found these very attractive and very strong ceiling mounts that really do offer a serious challenge to the established mounts that are already available. They are powder coated in a soft gray colour (RAL 9006)
The adjustable base can be made to suite nearly all projectors that weigh under 30Kg and have three or four mounting holes on their underside.
We supply them with allen keys to adjust them and the three common screw sizes that the projector manufacturers use.



EuroMount small
Offered with a number of drop options but all fixed in length. Shipping with 2 small columns and the ability to not use either or just the U/V joint, gives the four drop lengths of: -
49.5cm, 27.5cm, 12cm & 5.3cm - click on image for a better picture.

£85.00 + vat
£85.00 + delivery + vat    

£95.00 + vat


Euromount Medium
Supplied with a good square section column and the easiest adjustment we have seen makes for a very tidy ceiling mount. The column has two oval holes in it to allow the cables to be concealed down the centre.
Completely adjustable between 66cm and 89.5cm.

£95.00 + delivery + vat  



Euromount Long
As above but with the column length 86cm to 125.4cm
£120 + vat
£120.00 + delivery + vat    
  Download the EuroMount Instructions Download the EuroMount instruction here    
Delivery options £15.00 next day AM or £5.00 3 day + vat    

We aim to provide a ceiling mount for almost every projector produced, these will fit most projectors below 30Kg in weight. Just check on the bottom of you projector to see if it has 3 or 4 brass threaded inserts of M3 or M4 size.

We also supply a surface mountable cable box that comes supplied with 10m of computer and video cable, a complete cabling solution for almost any installation. more info...