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Epson EMP 8150

Epson EMP 8150 Prices


The EMP-8150 heralds the 'next generation' in advanced data projectors. Featuring cutting edge technology, it is able to connect to network resources with its own IP address, and also features a PCMCIA card slot for presentations direct from memory cards.

The EMP-8150 boasts an ultra-bright 3200 ANSI lumens to make your presentations come to life even with high ambient light, and has a native resolution of XGA. A new long-throw lens makes it suitable for large venues.

By supporting both digital and analog inputs via a comprehensive selection of connector types and all worldwide video standards, the EMP-8150 has excellent connectivity, and high quality video playback is achieved with Digital Noise Reduction technology and Smooth Motion technology.

EPSON's unique E@syMP technology allows the projector to link to a LAN via a 10/100BaseT link. By using a wireless LAN system, the projector provides PC-free and cable-free access to presentations. Thanks to built-in memory, presentations can be transmitted to the projector through the network in advance, adding extra convenience. Alternatively, presentations can be retrieved through the network when required. With E@syView, common file formats are supported such as Microsoft Powerpoint 97, Microsoft Word 97, Corel WordPerfect for Windows, Corel Presentations, JPEG, TIFF, and many more.

Extra space-saving features include E@syBoard and E@syCapture, which allow a USB mouse, keyboard or graphics tablet to be used as an input device, connecting directly into the USB ports of the EMP-8150. E@syCapture allows the contents of this 'electronic whiteboard' to be saved in JPEG file format onto memory card or onto a PC on the network. Once saved in JPEG format, meeting notes can then be emailed, printed or published on a company intranet.

Epson EMP 8150 Projector Prices