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Epson EMP 800 Prices

Epson EMP 800


The EPSON EMP-800 projector is the latest addition to EPSONís general office range, providing the perfect combination of brightness, portability, universal flexibility and value. Featuring the latest developments in EPSONís highly acclaimed projector technologies, this is the ideal solution for mobile or office-based users who need outstanding performance in a low-cost package.

Offering brighter, sharper, lighter presenting at just 4.2Kg, the EPSON EMP-800 is a true XGA (1024 x 768) projector with full support for resolutions from VGA to UXGA. Combined with a maximum brightness of 1500 ANSI lumens, this ensures data and video images of extraordinary clarity that can be viewed easily in full daylight conditions.

Ground-breaking horizontal, as well as vertical keystone correction, enables off-centre projection , creating a perfect 4:3 image (up to 10į).

Supporting WinColor quality specifications, EPSONís new colour management technology, provides sRGB mode to bring a new era of colour business solutions. EPSONís projectors, printers, scanners and digital cameras uniformly work in sRGB mode, ensuring that the colour input by a digital camera or scanner is transformed naturally into output by a projector or printer.

6 projection modes
A newly-developed colour-processing IC improves uniformity and clarity while reducing moirť and video noise. Colour reproduction is also maximised by EPSONís ColorReality Technology and 3D Gamma Correction. These technologies enable 6 high quality projection modes to be selected: SRGB (colour management), Normal (brightness/ colour balance), Presentation (subtle colour for darker rooms), Meeting (high contrast text/charts), Theatre (video) or Amusement (games).

Performance with control
The new projection lens enables clear, lifelike images up to 60" to be projected just 1.8m from the screen, while the high zoom ratio allows the user to switch from 16:9 to 4:3 aspect ratio without changing the distance. The new remote control also features an Up & Down key for scrolling through Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications.

Flexible connectivity
The EPSON EMP-800 includes 2 PC inputs (1 x DVD-I + 1 x HD 15 pin) plus monitor redrive and 1 Video input (Component or S-Video) as standard. Worldwide video compatibility and RS232 input is also included, while USB support enables full use of a remote mouse and USB audio.

Epson EMP 800 Projector Prices