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Epson EMP 71 Prices

Epson EMP 71

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The EMP-71 offers a true XGA (1024 x 768) resolution, but is also capable of supporting VGA, SVGA and SXGA. The resolution is achieved via 3 x 0.7" LCD 'Dream 2'panels. This 3 panel display technology produces clearly defined images and also allows for a small compact projector. Brightness is enhanced both by the 'Dream 2' panels and a new 160W lamp to provide a bright 1000 ANSI lumens.

The EMP-71 has been built for various digital functions. Digital Active Resizing allows the projector to support signals from VGA to SXGA, and it is also compatible with DVD and HDTV. Electronic keystone correction ensures the user can achieve a square image on the screen. Digital Image Scaling, known as "Telewide", electronically adjusts the screen size. Electronic zoom allows the images on the screen to be enlarged.

Added to this is a 1W built-in speaker, remote control with pre-programmed special effects, Help function and easy to follow on screen Menu and connectivity for both PC and video, makes the EMP-71 a fully functional and versatile projector.

Epson EMP 71 Projector Prices