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EIKI LC-XT1 XGA Projector Prices


Designed for large audiences and demanding environments, the new EIKI LC-XT1 XGA THEATER PROJECTOR delivers an impressive 5000 ANSI Lumens brightness, and offers a new level of connectivity and projection flexibility.

The LC-XT1's high brightness results from the use of a 4 x 150 Watt UHP lamp system, which provides stable illumination and colour temperature over the life of the lamps. The resulting illumination uniformity exceeds 90%, and the contrast ratio is remarkably high.

The LC-XT1 incorporates leading edge technologies for better imaging, including PanelLink( support for artifact-free DVI data communications, and compatibility with most HDTV standards plus enhanced progressive scan for better stills and animations.

The LC-XT1 is offered without lens. A complete range of lenses are available. This range of fixed and variable focal length lenses, both manual and powered, offers throw-to-width ratios of 1:1 ~ 12+:1, to fill screens up to 600" diagonal (40' wide).

With a dot clock of 230 MHz, the LC-XT1 is compatible with most workstations. Its native resolution is 1024x768 pixels, for true XGA/MAC19 display. And Smart compression and expansion provides compatibility with inputs from 1280x1024 to 640x480 resolution.

Power lens shift minimizes keystoning in both directions, permitting offset ratios as high as 10:0~0:10, and eliminating the need for projector inversion in ceiling installations. Wireless and wired remote control, plus local control and RS-232 control, are standard.

The LC-XT1 is compatible with NTSC, PAL, SECAM, NTSC 4.43, and PAL-M + N colour systems. It accepts Composite, S-Video, RGB, and Component (DVD & HDTV) video input, and displays Standard 4:3 and Widescreen 16:9 ratio, with advanced video scaling.

KEY FEATURES Included Accessories Optional Accessories Specifications
ANSI Lumens 5000

Illumination Uniformity 85%

Size of Color Palette 16.7 Million

Contrast Ratio: 700:1 (Full ON/OFF)

Horizontal Resolution 800 TV Lines

Projection Lamp 150 Watt UHP x 4

Recomended Lamp Replacement 1,000 Hours

Light Organization Polarized Beam Splitter

Light Distribution System Dichroic Mirror & A-Prism System

Imaging System 1.8" PolySilicon active matrix TFT Panels x 3

Screen Pixels 1024 x 768 in stripe configuration

Total Pixels 2,359,296 ((1024 x 768) x 3)

Lens Type Not included (accepts powerhouse lenses except AH-21041)

Image Diagonal 40" ~ 600"

Image Width 2.67' ~ 40'

Throw Distance See specifications of selected lens.

Front Elevation / Maximum Tilt up to 5.7 up

Anti Keystone Power Lens Shift, Ratio (T:B) 10:0~0:10 (+12 ~ -12)

Keystone Correction Digital: Variable Adjustment +30 ~ -30

Scanning Frequency Auto: H Sync. 15-120kHz
V Sync. 50-120Hz

Dot Clock 230 Mhz

Image Orientation Normal, Reversed, Inverted

Local Control Full Function

Power Management Auto Shut Off

Remote Projector & Mouse Control Wireless (Infra Red x 1) w/Pointer

Mouse Control Ports Two Sets: 12 Pin DIN x 3, USB port x 1

Remote Projector Control Wireless (Infra Red) / Wired x 1

Wired Jack Mini Stereo x 1

RS-232 Control Port Dsub9 x 2 (In & Out) USB x 1

MCI Slot No

Fan Noise 45dBA

Image Elevation Adjustment up to 5.7 up

Comp: Monitor Out HD15 x 1

Comp: Channels 2

Comp: Compatibility SXGA, XGA, SVGA, VGA, MAC

Comp: Higher Resolutions Displayed panned or Smart Compressed

Comp: Lower Resolutions Displayed normal or Smart Expanded

Comp: Native Resolution XGA/MAC 19

Video: Systems Composite, Component, S-Video

Video: Image Sizing Progressive Video Scaling

Video: Formats Supported Normal 4:3 and Wide Screen 16:9

Video: Standards NTSC/PAL/SECAM/NTSC 4.43/PAL-M & N

InPut Modules Standard configuration below
Interchangeable x 4

Input Module 1: DVI DVI x 1video, RCA x 2 audio
8-pin DIN x 1 control

Input Module 2: 5 BNC BNC x 5 video
RCA x 2 audio, 8-pin control
(RGB sync on green RGB
H+V, RGBHV, Component)

Input Module 3: Y/C BNC x 2 & S-Video, RCA x 2 audio

Input Module 4: PC HD15 x 1 video, RCA x 2 audio
8-pin DIN x 1 control

Audio Out (Stereo) RCA x 2 (L & R)

Audio Output: Amplifier 3 Watts RMS (each L&R) Stereo

Audio: Output Speakers 2 x 3.5 in. (5 x 9 cm) x 2

Dimensions (H x W x D) 9.9" x 22.9" x 30.8"

Packaged Size (H x W x D) 26.1" x 34.7" x 48.4"

Weight 78.3 lbs.

Packaged Weight 109.2 lbs

Power Requirements 100~120 / 200~240V AC, 50 / 60 Hz

Power Consumption 920 Watts

Heat 3139.5 BTU/hr. (791.2 KC/hr.)

Power Cord 10, Type 3, Detachable

Safety Compliance UL Listed

User Maintenance Clean Air Filter, Replace Lamp

EIKI LC-XT1 XGA Projector Prices