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AverVision 100AverVision 100 brochure

AverVision 100
This new and powerful document camera, AVerVision100 from Avermedia, can display clear, crisp images of 3D objects, documents and even microscopic images on your TV, VGA and LCD/DLP projectors! With a 19" flexible gooseneck, this document camera supports up to 1024 x 768 resolution in VGA mode display. It also comes with a fully functional remote control that provides access to all major features including image mirroring, rotation and digital zooming. With the on screen menu, 4 x Zoom and timer control it has everything to allow you to make outstanding presentations!

  AverVision 110
AVerVision110 is an excellent, low-cost alternative for expensive projectors. With one of the best CCD chips available. This powerful the document camera can clearly display 3D objects, documents onto your TV or S-Video projector, and with the microscope adaptor lens enables you to see the microscopic images, the pocket sized remote control gives you the perfect control, with the on screen menu you have the option on black and white or colour picture, positive or negative conversion. All you need for the perfect presentation.
Avervision 110 brochure
Avervision 300 brochure AverVision 300
AverMedia's AverVision300 is a new portable and lightweight document camera with a mechanical arm design. The camera will show crisp clear images onto any projector or VGA monitor. With its 8 X digital zoom, pan, freeze frame, timer, on screen menu, image mirroring and 180° rotation functions your presentation will run smoothly and with the added features of Negative / Positive Conversion, Colour or Black and White display selection and night view you will have your audience captured.

AverVision DL
AverVision DL is more than a Plug-n-Play 1024 x 768 PC/Mac-to-TV Converter, but also and CCD camera in oneUsers can display 3-D objects or Overlay images on big screen TV for live presentation. Other powerful features include independent liner horizontal and vertical adjustment, underscan/overscan, screen freeze, dual display, with two high quality lighting devices allow sharp image overlay even in a dark presentation room.

AverVision DL brochureAverVision DL

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