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ASK M3 Projector

Smaller, lighter, brighter and more flexible

Microportable Multimedia Projector


  • Bright
    1100 ANSI lumen and XGA resolution
  • Small and Quiet
    1.5 kg light and extremly quiet with <30 dB (A)
  • Smart and Flexible
    First intelligent projector with modularity

Smaller, Lighter, Brighter
Just a little larger than an A5 sheet, low profile, sleek design, 1.5 kg low weight and 1100 ANSI lumens for presentations in fully lit rooms.

Feature Packed
Packed with features: Digital zoom; digital keystone correction; Automatic Room Light Sensing; mask/reveal; freeze; laser pointer; direct source access via the BatMouseTM IV remote control; DVI-I for digital and analog computers; USB mouse; ceiling mountable; rear screen projection and more.

Intelligent Projector (Artificial Intelligence)
Equipped with Automatic Room Light Sensing (ARLS) which adjusts the image settings for you. In addition you can adjust both Gamma and color temperature settings through the WindowsTM-like menu system.

Optical and digital zoom makes image sizing easy. Digital Keystone correction ensures that your image will remain rectangular wherever you place the projector.

Modular Flexible Solution
Truly flexible modular construction suited for both mobile use and installation. The projector base unit has DVI for digital and analog data transmission, and USB for mouse emulation and control.

The clip-off Video module lets you connect Composite video/S-video and audio in addition to computer and mouse. You may also have a single cable solution connecting up to up to six sources simultaneously by using the ProjectorLinkTM and a UTP module.

Wisper Quiet Operation
At less than 30dB this projector is as quiet as a soft whisper and will not disturb your presentation or be noticed by your audience. The M3 is the quietest projector in the market, designed to maximize work efficiency and minimize distraction.

Ideal Travel Companion
Small and light enough to simply put in your briefcase without any need for an additional bag. When you are traveling you can snap off the video module to carry even less and lighter. All the cables have colour coded connectors for easy set-up.

With outstanding functionality and immediate plug and project capabilities, it only takes a minute to set up the ASK M3 and present.

Ask M3 Impression Projector Prices