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ASK C6 Compact XGA Portable Projector

Ask C6 Compact Projector

Do you need a lightweight and affordable ultra-portable, but don?t want to sacrifice image quality, brightness and functionality? The ASK C6 compact weigh in at 3.7 kg/8.1 lb., and yet gives you performance comparable to desktop projectors. With a brightness of 900 ANSI lumens and XGA resolution, this LCD-projector from the award winning ASK compact series is among the brightest of the ultra-portables. Low weight, excellent functionality, sleek Scandinavian design and high user friendliness makes this projector an intelligent choice for travelling professionals.

Detail and clarity

When you want to show highly detailed images on the move, you need a bright projector with XGA resolution. The C6 compact has native XGA resolution (1024 x 768) in true COLOR, and by using the latest digital imaging technology it can project any resolution from SXGA (1280 x 1024) to VGA and video without information loss or distortion. The 900 ANSI lumens of the C6 compact are bright enough for presentations even in well-lit rooms.

Easy to Set-up

All you have to do is to connect the power cord and signal cable. The projector will do the rest, search for sources, adjust the image and make all sources fit the screen. You get USB, MS Serial mouse, IBM PS/2 and MAC ADB compatibility for automatic mouse set-up.

Easy to use

The on-screen menu system resembles the look and feel of the common Windows™ environment. For your convenience, all functions can be accessed both from the projector’s keypad and from the BatMouse III remote control. You can connect a computer source and two video sources simultaneously to the C6 compact, and all cables are standard – should you lose or mislay one, a new cable can be bought in any computer or electronics store. We even included a monitor outlet so you can keep your face towards your audience in a classroom or lecture hall.

Stealth Projector

To provide you with a quiet and pleasant meeting-room environment we made the C6 compact to operate whisper quiet at 38 dB, and designed low profile, 99mm high case. And we provided a long-life 120W UHP lamp for low operating costs and trouble-free operation.

After all, you want to concentrate on your presentation, not your projector.

ASK C6 Compact

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