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A8+ Impression Projector from Ask

Ask A8+ Impression Projector

Do you need high brightness, excellent image quality and vivid colours, but don?t want to pay the premium for an XGA projector?

The IMPRESSION A8+ gives you the quality and features of the award winning ASK IMPRESSION series in SVGA format.

Need to move it between different rooms? It is lighter and smaller than traditional desktop projectors.

With exceptional brightness, small size and superb functionality, the IMPRESSION A8+ is a smart choice for you and your organisation.

High Contrast, High Brightness

The IMPRESSION A8+ has a contrast ratio of 350:1, which combines with 1500 ANSI lumens brightness to make an exceptionally bright and clear picture.
You get sharp images and wide compatibility with true SVGA resolution (800 x 600) and perfect scaling between VGA (640 x 480) and XGA (1024 x 768).

Stealth Projector

You want your audience to concentrate on your presentation, not your projector. Your meeting room environment should be quiet and pleasant. So we designed the IMPRESSION A8+ to operate at whisper quiet 38dB, and gave it a low-profile 118mm case to make it easy to ignore. It can be ceiling mounted, or used for rear projection.


When in front of an audience, the last thing you want is to think about your projector. It should simply work when you need it to. So we used a 150-W Ultra High Performance (UHP) lamp in the IMPRESSION A8+ ? which means you get high brightness during the lamps 2000-hour lifetime. If you need to change the lamp, it is easy to do yourself.

Easy to Set-up

You just need to plug in the power cord and the signal cable. The IMPRESSION A8+ will search for sources, adjust the image and make all sources fit the screen. All settings and your user preferences are stored automatically in the 40-source memory. The next time you use it, the IMPRESSION A8+ will remember your settings. You get USB, MS Serial mouse, IBM PS/2 and MAC ADB compatibility for automatic mouse set-up.

Easy to Use

You won't have to learn a new user interface, the on-screen menu system resembles the common windows environment. The menus come in nine different languages your choice. All functions can be accessed both from the projector?s keypad and from the BatMouse III remote control. You can simultaneously connect up to two computer sources and two video sources to the IMPRESSION A8+. In addition, all cables are standard should you lose one you can buy a new cable in any electronics or computer store. We even put in a monitor outlet to let you face your audience in the class room or lecture hall.

Fully Compatible

With a system bandwidth of up to 150 MHz, the ASK IMPRESSION A8+ can be connected to sources with extreme signal frequencies. This gives superb image quality, stability and clarity. The ASK IMPRESSION A8+ uses true 800 x 600 resolution LCD modules, and thanks to the latest image processing technology it can show film-like image quality in 1024 x 768 resolution down to 640 x 480, as well as in video resolutions. If you want SVGA resolution, the ASK IMPRESSION A8+ is an intelligent choice. But donít take our word for it. Read the specifications and then try it out.

Youíll be convinced!

A8+ Impression

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